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Name: Guardian Rank (Skyblock)
Price: 40.00

Ranks: Guardian

This package will credit you with the Guardian Rank on Skyblock. Stand out from the crowd and receive some extra recognition! This rank bundles a unique set of abilities, perks, kits and other great features on the server.  

The following list provides full information on the contents of this rank:


  • /compass: Find your compass location
  • /workbench: Open a virtual workbench
  • /enderchest: Open a virtual enderchest
  • /tptoggle: Toggle teleportation requests off
  • /fly: Toggle flight mode on or off
  • /hat: Set a block as your hat
  • /block: Turn your ingots into blocks
  • /nick: Set your nickname (with colors)
  • /stack: Stack the potions in your inventory
  • /clearinventory: Clear your inventory
  • /ptime: Set your own personal server time
  • /nv: Toggle night vision on or off
  • /anvil: Open the repair menu without being near to an anvil


  • Donator Shop: Access the Donator shop with unique items
  • Join full server: Join any game mode while it is full
  • Keep XP: Keep your XP on death
  • Mob Catching: Throw eggs at mobs to catch them
  • 2x mcMMO XP: Earn mcMMO XP twice as fast
  • Spawner Mining: Mine spawners with or without silk touch


  • Kits: Receive access to the Guardian Kit
  • Vaults: Access up to 10 personal vaults
  • Homes: Create up to 10 personal homes
  • On-Time Bonus: Receive a one-time bonus of $10.000